Rashami Desai Opens Up On Social Media Toxicity, Says ‘I Really Don’t Understand the Trolling, Hurling Abuses, Threats and Bad Language’

Rashami Desai Opens Up On Social Media Toxicity, Says 'I Really Don’t Understand the Trolling, Hurling Abuses, Threats and Bad Language'

With everyone following social distancing norms, social media has become all the more important in people’s lives, helping them stay connected. But at the same time, actor Rashami Desai feels that it’s sad that these platforms are becoming toxic by the day. “Healthy criticism, expressing your opinion is good, but I really don’t understand the trolling, hurling abuses, threats and even using bad language. If you can’t inspire anyone, let’s not make it a dirty place,”. Rashami Desai Ditches Her Mercedes Plan to Maintain Lockdown Lifestyle and It’s Quite a Practical Idea!.

“Especially during this pandemic, our mental state is already in bad shape. So, such negativity can affect someone’s life, career and spoil their mental health,” she adds. Is Rashami Desai Planning Her OTT Debut? The Actress Drops a Hint.

Talking about the importance of mental health, the actor says, “Whoever you talk to, these days, is feeling depressed. No one is understanding that what should they do. But don’t you think this time has changed the course of life? From working like machines to now, when we’re taking things slow… Money is not everything, life is much more than that.” Khatron Ke Khiladi Reloaded: Rashami Desai Replaced By Karan Patel, Here’s Why.

Desai, who has been vocal about her battle with depression in the past, adds that there are experiences and learnings behind such things. “When we start prioritizing superficial things, this happens. I tried finding solace in my work, which also wasn’t correct. You need to prioritize your life and what makes you happy,” she says, further pointing how social influencers also need to behave responsibly.

“People listen and connect to us. So it’s important to think twice before putting anything out there. You never know what can make or break things,” she concludes.

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