Renault Chief Admits Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren F1 Contract Made Him Frustrated

Renault Chief Admits Daniel Ricciardo's McLaren F1 Contract Made Him Frustrated

Renault Racing is making positive progress this season. Contending for the podium and showing real intent in racing, Renault looks strong and wants to keep the momentum going. The 2021 season will see Renault in a new avatar as Alpine will be amalgamated in the Formula 1 sector. However, the only drawback is they’ll be missing star racer Daniel Ricciardo who’s on his way to McLaren.

Ricciardo informed Renault of his decision to join McLaren early in the season. However, chief Cyril Abiteboul was a bit cross owing to the Aussie’s departure. Renault was building the team around Ricciardo and was hopeful of major success. His abrupt decision to leave the team not only startled Cyril but also frustrated him.

“I think everyone has been able to feel the frustration, and my own frustration when it was announced,” said Abiteboul.

Cyril shared a vision of making Renault great. Making the necessary developments, Renault is making strong progress for the next season. Cyril was aware of the progress though he was unable to convince Ricciardo to stay. Ricciardo has his own dreams and aspirations and certainly,he will be jumping ship before the 2021 session.

“And let’s be honest. I had the feeling that this [progress] was coming: that the team had made a step up and that the car would be better. Plus that there was much more to come actually in the pipeline, that he [Ricciardo] had not driven yet. I knew the figures, but the problem is that it’s only figures, and I know that he’s been promised lots of things in the past not only by us but also by his previous team.”

Formula One F1 – Tuscan Grand Prix – Mugello, Scarperia e San Piero, Italy Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo in action during the race |REUTERS

Daniel Ricciardo is set for new challenges

Ferrari handed over the notice of discontinuation to Sebastian Vettel early in the season. Carlos Sainz, who races for McLaren will be joining Ferrari form the 2021 season. This meant a vacancy in the McLaren line up. They needed someone to assist Lando Norris in the races. Daniel Ricciardo was the best fit owing to his experience and skills.

McLaren did a splendid job roping in the Australian to run for the Championship race. Ricciardo is running strong with Renault this season. He came real close in clinching the pole although he missed out owing to lack of power. He’ll be looking forward to getting his desired results racing for McLaren next season onwards.

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