Retribution Member Mia Yim Dedicates her Big Debut to Casey Micheal

Retribution Member Mia Yim Dedicates her Big Debut to Casey Micheal

Mia Yim made her main roster debut on Monday Night Raw. On top of that, her debut came coupled with a revelation – she is a part of RETRIBUTION.

Now, Mia Yim has dedicated her Raw debut to Casey Michael. He was the owner of Squared Circle Sirens and tragically passed away earlier this month. Casey was just 26 years old.

For the uninitiated, Casey contributed significantly to women’s wrestling. In fact, he played a crucial role in reporting for Women’s Wrestling over the past several years.

Unfortunately, his life took a turn for the worst. He had undergone major surgeries on his intestines and there was a point when he had to learn how to walk following his surgery.

Mia Yim was one of the Superstars who reacted to this news. Even then, she acknowledged the professional and personal support that Casey Michael had always given her. Therefore, it’s not unusual that she dedicated her main roster debut to her friend.

Mia Yim moves from NXT to Raw with high hopes from the audience

Coming to Mia Yim herself, she has attracted attention from the WWE Universe ever since she appeared at the Mae Young Classic in 2017. The following year, she put up a brilliant performance at the quarterfinals which earned her the respect of a lot of people. As a result, Triple H immediately signed her to NXT.

Yim comes with a background of both Muay Thai and Taekwondo. Needless to say, she poses a huge threat to all her opponents.

Now that she is on Raw, it is quite probable that she will enter storylines involving the bigger names performing under the Red Brand. On top of that, she is a prime member of WWE’s latest vigilante group. In fact, fans are over the top with excitement after this revelation.

It is a definite possibility that she will enter a storyline with one of the many Superstars the faction has destroyed in the recent past.

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