Revamped Google TV app could soon work as a remote control, code suggests

Revamped Google TV app could soon work as a remote control, code suggests

The Android Google TV app could soon be getting a built-in remote control for Android TVs, XDA Developers reports. The unreleased feature was discovered in the code for version 4.25 of the Android app. Enabling the feature reveals an apparently unfinished interface built around a large D-pad, and the option to pair the app with an Android TV device using a 4-digit PIN.

The discovery of the new code coincides with a renewed push from Google to update and modernize its smart TV software. Last year it launched a Chromecast with a new Google TV interface for the operating system, and this software is also coming as a built-in operating system to smart TVs this year. As part of the launch, Google also rebranded its Play Movies & TV app to Google TV on Android (for now, on iOS it’s still appearing as Google Play Movies & TV).

Google technically already has an Android TV app on iOS and Android that offers this functionality, but neither versions have been updated in years. We wouldn’t be surprised if both ended up being discontinued if the feature gets rolled in the Google TV app.

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