Rob Gronkowski only wanted to play with Tom Brady again, Drew Rosenhaus suggests

Rob Gronkowski was only going to come out of his brief sabbatical to play with Tom Brady, his agent Drew Rosenhaus suggested Wednesday during a FOX Business interview.

Rosenhaus appeared on “Mornings with Maria” and told host Maria Bartiromo that his client had a great relationship with the Patriots organization but there was no reason for the great tight end to come back and play football again unless it was going to be with Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Once it became apparent that Tampa Bay was interested in making the deal there wasn’t really any reason for this to happen,” Rosenhaus said. “We didn’t have any discussions, Rob and myself, about what he would do other than Tampa and playing with Brady. I really think that was the only reason why Rob wanted to come back was to continue his career and play with Tom Brady.”

Rosenhaus said that things began to get in motion once Brady signed with the Buccaneers in March. He called the trade, in which the Buccaneers received a seventh-round draft pick along with Gronkowski and the Patriots received a fourth-round draft pick, as a “winning situation all the way around.”

One concern the Buccaneers may have had was the injuries that Gronkowski suffered toward the end of Super Bowl LIII and throughout his entire career. Gronkowski was open about the injuries he suffered, including several concussions, after he “retired” from the Patriots.

Rosenhaus said that’s a thing of the past.

“The injuries are behind him,” he said. “I mentioned the 2018 season. Rob played through a number of lower-extremity injuries. He doesn’t have any residual effects. He’s now back to 110 percent and healthy. In fact, he’s even better than he was during his career physically because the time off really rejuvenated him and he’s got fresh legs. He’s feeling very explosive. He’s very strong. He’s back up to [over 200] pounds.

“It’s been great that he took time off from getting hit and getting tackled and getting beat on. His body has really been resuscitated and Rob should have a tremendous season.”