Russo brothers explain that ‘Agent Carter’ Cameo in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

The film Avengers: Endgame came out about three months ago. The movie has several series and the audiences are addicted towards the series. Currently, the audiences are curious about the introduction of an Agent Carter cameo in the film.

Fans are trying their best to resolve the mystery all by themselves. On August 7th directors Joe and Anthony Russo held an Ask me Anything session on Reddit.

The session was specially held to solve the doubts and queries of the fans. Introduction of Edwin Jarvis famous for the Marvel series and the Agent Carter TV series is a question revolving in the minds of fans. Introduction of Edwin Jarvis was unexpected.

MARVEL'S Agent Carter
Image: ABC

Why did the Russo brothers invite Edwin Jarvis to play a role in the film Avengers: Endgame?

The Russo brothers simply said that they are in love with James. It is also because Markus and McFeely were the best fit for the show. Joe also went onto say that he was in charge of directing one of the episodes. They were just perfect for the episode.

Tony Stark was not shown in the film’s final version. The directors explained to the audience that Tony’s death scene was colliding with an intensely emotional scene.

They thought to cast the Avengers kneeling which was emotional. But the scene seemed somewhat similar to Tony’s last rites.

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In Tony’s last rites the heroes were seen standing together to pay him respect outside his home. This led the Russo brothers to cut the scene out from their film.

The Russo brothers also said that Tony Stark’s death in the film was the most difficult thing to shoot. Fans are yet to discover more of Easter eggs in the Endgame.

The directors are also hoping to catch the attention of audiences at large. Russo brothers are positive about the film.