Samsung will release the Galaxy Fold in September

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold in September once again. Three months back, Samsung unveiled the new set. Reviewers reported that the screen of the phone could break at any point in time.

Samsung’s technical error is crucial and not expected out of a $2000 device.

Soon after the complaint reached, Samsung, the company took an initiative of lifting the phone from the market. Now they are back with the same set but resolving the technical issues.

Samsung officials said that they would not launch the phone all around the globe for the time.

In a press release conducted by the company, they have unveiled the images of their phone.

Samsung happens to be a South Korean company which and its office lies in  Samsung Town, Seoul. The company is operating successfully all around the globe. Samsung is a reputed concern and functions for 81 years now.

Why did Samsung decide to re-launch its new model in September?

The display of the phone is taken care of. Now that the company has removed the trouble, the screen will not break when hit by a particle or debris.

Under the display of the phone, coats of metal are there. There wasn’t any software issue with the phone. Samsung is working hard on the software to boost the performance of the device.

The company has only revealed that they are going to launch the phone only in a few selective markets. Crucial changes in the phone are reported to the media to catch the audience’s eyes once more.

The company officials also went onto say that they weren’t able to figure out any hardware issues.

At the same time, they revealed that the software of the phone is causing a menace. It is the main reason why they are taking time to re-launch the device in the market.