Samsung’s Galaxy S21 phones might sport even larger camera bumps

Samsung's Galaxy S21 phones might sport even larger camera bumps

The external profiles don’t provide too many clues as to what the Galaxy S21 (or S30) would entail, although there are a few clues that it would be a relatively safe design beyond the bumps. The standard model would have a roughly flat 6.2-inch screen with the familiar hole-punch selfie cam, while the Ultra would have a slightly curved screen somewhere between 6.7 and 6.9 inches. The Ultra would still keep its long-zoom rear camera, although it’s not certain what else would change.

Just when you’d see the new Galaxy line is another story. In sync with an earlier SamMobile

leak, OnLeaks suggested Samsung would debut the new phones in January, rather than the customary February or March. Whether or not that happens isn’t certain. While it might be easier to hold an event in January early given the lack of in-person gatherings, Samsung rarely introduces major phones that early in the year in recent times — 2020’s introductions were Lite versions of the S10 and Note 10. While we wouldn’t rule out a full launch, don’t be surprised if any mention of the S21/S30 in January is limited to a brief teaser.

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