Santino Marella provides update on his daughter’s WWE career

Santino Marella has provided an update on his daughter Arianna Grace’s WWE career.

Marella had a very successful WWE career back in the day. Despite mainly being a comedy actor, Santio captured the Intercontinental Championship twice in his career. The 48-year-old also won the United States Championship during his career and is a one-time Tag Team Champion with Vladimir Kozlov.

Unfortunately, Arianna recently suffered an ACL injury that required surgery. Speaking on the A2theK Show, Marella stated that everyone is impressed with Grace’s healing ability so far. Santino claimed that his daughter is on track to be a top player in WWE, like Charlotte Flair.

“Everyone seems to be impressed with her ability to heal,” said Marella. [H/T:Wrestling Inc]


Santino Marella on almost becoming World Champion in WWE

In 2012, Santino was a part of the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Marella hit his Cobra Strike finisher on Daniel Bryan and almost won the title. Bryan would kick out at the last moment and eventually tapped Marella out with the LeBell Lock.

Speaking on the A2theK Show, Santino said that he is most remembered for the moment and wondered if Vince McMahon considered calling an audible while Bryan had the submission lock applied:

“Man even at the end when he [Daniel Bryan] had his finishing move on me, and I was fighting out of it, I swear I still thought there was a chance, you know? …Mike Chioda was in gorilla and he was watching Vince and he was like ‘man, I swear he was this close to calling it on the fly and changing it’…it would have been crazy.” [From 12:34 to 13:00]

Elimination Chamber’s on tonight so lets remember those 2 seconds in 2012 when we all thought Santino Marella was going to win the title

Triple H has brought back several legends since becoming the Chief Content Officer of the company. It will be interesting to see if Santino ever returns to the company and interacts with his daughter on screen.

Would you like to see Santino Marella in the company again? Let us know in the comments section below.

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