SARS antibodies can block COVID-19 infection: study

Paris (AFP) – An antibody from a affected person who recovered from SARS has been proven to block COVID-19 an infection in a laboratory setting, researchers mentioned Monday in one other potential breakthrough within the seek for coronavirus therapy.

Scientists based mostly in Switzerland and the United States beforehand remoted the antibodies from the affected person in 2003, following the SARS outbreak that killed 774 individuals.

They experimented with 25 various kinds of antibodies — which goal particular protein spikes on viruses — to see if they may stop cells turning into contaminated with COVID-19.

Both SARS and the pathogen which causes COVID-19 are coronaviruses, thought to have come from animals, and so their constructions are related.

The researchers recognized eight antibodies that might bind to each COVID-19 and the contaminated cells.

One candidate, referred to as S309, was proven to have “particularly strong neutralising activity” towards COVID-19.

By combining S309 with different much less potent antibodies they have been in a position to goal completely different websites on the virus’ protein spike, thus lowering its potential to mutate.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen tons of of trials for efficient therapy launched, together with some involving using antibodies from recovered sufferers.

While there have been no experiments on people within the study, revealed within the journal Nature, its authors mentioned their findings characterize “proof-of-concept” that antibodies from SARS can stop extreme COVID-19 an infection and unfold.

“These results pave the way for using S309- and S309-containing antibody cocktails for prophylaxis in individuals at high risk of exposure or as a post-exposure therapy to limit or treat severe disease,” they wrote.