Security forces prepare to protect Putin from possible coup, says the Insider

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin

Military equipment was deployed in the center of Moscow on Oct. 26, and FSO officers were seen apparently practicing to protect government buildings.

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In fact, according to The Insider, which received access to documents related to the exercises, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s bodyguards were preparing to protect him from a coup, and the tactical exercises were just a small part of special measures planned there is a threat that the dictator might be overthrown.

The documents also warn about the psychological effects security officers might have to deal with in the event of a coup, and warn that “foreign agents” might use various nefarious methods to undermine them.

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The documents state that the guards of the top officials of the Russian Federation, in the event of a coup d’état, may experience depression, isolation, uncertainty about the correctness of the actions of their superiors, a sense of fear, and fears for their own lives.

The Russian authorities are also afraid that mass media, social networks, religious organizations and even hypnosis will be used against the Kremlin authorities, the Insider said.

To avoid this, the FSO suggests using “counter-incitement,” conducting confidential discussions with young employees and holding weekly political activities with them.

The documents also warn that foreign intelligence agents planning to carry out the coup d’état may try to “get to” the officers’ relatives. Special emphasis is placed on the fact that the “enemy” has hypnotic abilities.

In addition to hypnosis, Russia believes that the enemy may use “chemical and biological methods of psychological influence.”

General Alexander Komov, deputy director of the FSO, is directly responsible for the implementation of the counter-coup plan. Information about him is secret, and there is very little publically known about him.

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However, according to the media, the general is not only known to be a diligent security officer – he is also known to consult astrologists and psychics.

“Some of them were consultants to the head of Yeltsin’s personal guard, Alexander Korzhakov, then to Yevgeny Murov, and now they give predictions and advice to the current leadership of the FSO,” the Insider writes.

According to media reports in late October, Putin moved elite Russian military units to Moscow amid fears of that he might be removed from power.

The total strength of the units moved to protect the dictator may be 18,000 troops. They are said to be under the command of Major General Nikolai Kuznetsov, the Insider said.

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