See Tim Allen Gush Over Daughter’s Santa Clauses Audition

This Santa Clauses update will have you feeling holly and jolly.

In an exclusive interview with E! News at the D23 Expo, Tim Allen and daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick revealed the magical experience it was working together on Disney+ highly anticipated TV spin-off of The Santa Clause franchise.

“You know, it’s been such an organic experience and overzealously it’s great to work with, there’s no question about it,” Tim shared while looking at his daughter, “It was life-changing for me.” 

And while it only make sense that Elizabeth is playing Tim’s on-screen daughter Sandra, he revealed that wasn’t always the plan. “She got in there because I really wanted her in the background,” he explained. “And they said ‘Well she’ll have to read.’ I go well she can read whatever she wants. And she read it and even I went, wow.”

Elizabeth similarly expressed her own surprise about getting the role, adding, “It’s honestly like overwhelming and I still can’t believe I’m here, like, what’s happening?”