‘Selling Sunset’ star Davina Potratz on her favorite outfits from Season 3

'Selling Sunset' star Davina Potratz on her favorite outfits from Season 3

“Selling Sunset” star Davina Potratz may be known for her bold attitude, but you won’t catch her making any rash decisions about her onscreen outfits.

“I was a lot more prepared [for Season 3] and I shopped ahead of time, so I had different outfits, ’cause you never know what some of the scenes might be or some of the events that come up,” she explained to Page Six Style in a recent interview.

“You have to have different options ready, and I really am serious about my job. I’m a real estate agent, so I try to dress very professionally, especially when I meet clients. I really want to focus on the work and not me.”

Below, Potratz breaks down seven of her favorite Season 3 looks just for us.

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