Shannen Doherty breast cancer

Shannen Doherty speaks about being diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer


Shannen Doherty has come out to reveal about being diagnosed with breast cancer. The Heathers actress is reportedly having stage four breast cancer and is battling against all odds.

The actress stated her diagnosis as the reason behind her presence in the interview. Talking about her health condition in an interview Shannen owned up her decision to speak up. Furthermore, she stated that she chose speaking up about her health to the audience as it was to come out sooner or later.

Doherty had previously talked about her cancer coming back in 2017, after getting diagnosed in 2015.

Furthermore, she mourned over the demise of her co-star Luke Perry while battling against her cancer. Working over sixteen hours every day even after her diagnosis, Doherty gave all credits to her co-star. Furthermore, she stated that Perry was amongst the few people who were aware.

Moreover, she expressed her grief over getting diagnosed while she felt and seemed to be healthy. However, when asked about her reaction to the diagnosis, she stated that no one deserves the pain of getting diagnosed with cancer.

The actress took to say that she wanted people to know that a person diagnosed with cancer could work as well. And the diagnosis does not make a person obliged to not work.

Furthermore, she mentioned the difficulty to get along with the fact calling it ‘bitter pill.’ However, she expressed her sadness over informing her mother and husband about her health condition.

The actress talked about feeling lucky to be able to live each moment to a magazine in August.

Talking about her cancer, the actress said that the battle against cancer makes one’s body weak. Therefore, completely bouncing back after recovery is tough and rare.

Doherty has also been going through a legal fight against her former insurance company.

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