Shaquille O’Neal massages Charles Barkley’s leg cramp on ‘Inside the NBA’

Shaquille O'Neal massages Charles Barkley's leg cramp on 'Inside the NBA'

Dr. O’Neal came in clutch for Charles Barkley on “Inside the NBA” on Thursday night.

During a commercial break, Barkley stood up from his chair in an attempt to shake off a leg cramp, when Shaquille O’Neal came to the rescue. The big man crossed over the COVID-friendly plexiglass at Studio J to give Barkley’s hamstring a couple “slaps,” noting, “You gotta slap it out.” O’Neal then tried to knead the cramp while Barkley leaned over his chair, laughing.

Meanwhile, host Ernie Johnson narrated the hilarious moment through laughter.

“Chuck was so tense down the stretch in that game he was cramping up man, look at this in during the commercial break… and Dr. O’Neal to the rescue… paging Dr. O’Neal” he said, while Shaq begged, “Don’t do it Ernie… strike that from the tape.”

Barkley chimed in, “Y’all are joking, but those cramps are no joke.”

O’Neal added, “I’m just trying to help my teammate,” to which Barkley joked, “Take me to dinner first!”

Johnson later questioned if Kenny Smith, who was missing from Thursday’s broadcast, would’ve helped Barkley the way O’Neal did.

“Anybody got a pack of smokes,” Johnson joked.

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