Should you switch to the new T-Mobile now?

T-Mobile acquires Sprint

T-Mobile acquired Sprint against an amount of $26.5 billion. T-Mobile is a new name to many of the consumers in the field of telecommunications. The company was established  20 years back and is a German company. Their business operates in countries like Czech Republic, Poland, the United States of America, and the Netherlands.

T-Mobile acquires Sprint
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The brand is active only in these parts of the world. The founders of the company are doing their best to spread their business even in the under developing countries.

The telecommunication company stands right after India’s Airtel and UK’s Vodafone. It is the fourth largest multinational in the telecommunication industry.

Reports claim that the telecommunication company is having 135.8 million subscribers to its credit. At the same time, it is also planning to open up a 5G network for the benefit of the customers.

Smartphones of Apple, Samsung, Google, etc. may receive a beneficial plan so that the company gets another subscriber.

T-Mobile acquires Sprint
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How does T-Mobile cater to the needs of the Americans?

99% of the American population is in love with the connectivity. Customers do not tend to unsubscribe from such a telecommunication company’s service because it provides excellent quality at a low price.

When it comes to 5G coverage in America, then tech specialists noticed that the company could capture 99% of the market share by the end of the year 2019.

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It can dominate the rural market, as well. Other companies lack in this feature, thereby paving the path for the success of T-Mobile.

A deal got signed off between Sprint and T-Mobile. According to the agreement, T-Mobile said that they are ready to capture 97% of the US market within three years.

Urban population will also receive broadband services, which is an added advantage for the company. The speed and connectivity of the company are reliable.

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