Siri records fights, doctor’s appointments and sex (and contractors hear it)

Siri records fights, doctor’s appointments and sex (and contractors hear it)
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Siri, an intelligent voice assistant, built by Apple, comes with its pros and cons. Only Apple iPhone and iPad users can make use of this powerful voice assistant tool. Siri helps you save up a lot of your precious time.

To enable the voice assistant Siri, you need to say ‘Hey Siri.’ Soon after that, Siri fulfills all your wishes.

It helps you send text messages, book show tickets for the evening, guides you while driving, sends emails, etc. It’s your virtual friend.

As every device has its pros and cons, Siri too faces challenges. Siri doesn’t work without internet connectivity.

For example, you need to send an important mail to your boss. As you order Siri to perform the task for you, it stops working.

It doesn’t work without adequate and robust internet connectivity. Siri cannot perform a task until and unless you are clear with your accent.

Recent reports claim that Siri lacks privacy. Some contractors review recordings made by Siri. Contractors are in charge of working upon the recordings.

As they do so, they are deliberately hearing users’ conversations, which is unethical in every aspect.

Siri records fights, doctor’s appointments and sex (and contractors hear it)
Image: Screenshot – Apple Inc

How is Siri unsafe for users?

Sources claimed that Siri gets enabled with ‘Hey Siri.’ In case, if the voice assistant gets to hear any similar sound, then also it is enabled.

Such a technical error is promoting privacy concerns among users. A large number of data have reached the contractors without the user’s knowledge.

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Countless confidential business deals, sex chats, criminal plans, personal discussions, etc. have reached the contractors. Along with all the recordings, a user’s current location, phone number, etc. reach the contractors.

Apple hires third-party contractors to review the voice recordings by customers.  The company says that users data remains protected, but there are instances where users data got leaked.

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