Snap allows developers to create ‘mini’ apps for Snapchat

The inaugural group of Minis, which are expected to launch in Snapchat in July, includes:

  • Meditation app Headspace, which will allow users to access short guided meditation sessions

  • Coachella’s app, so groups of friends can view the festival’s lineup and plan which performances to watch

  • Prediction Master, an app from Mammoth Media, which also makes social polling app Wishbone, that allows friend groups to “make predictions”

  • Saturn And Tembo, apps for comparing class schedules and study prep, respectively

  • Atom, an app for buying movie tickets and watching trailers with a group of friends

  • Let’s Do It, a Snap-built app for “making group decisions” 

Snap isn’t the first company to look to outside developers to liven up its app, and Facebook has tried out a similar strategy in the past. The company allowed developers to create HTML5 versions of their games inside of Messenger, but eventually removed the feature as its messaging app had become too bloated.

Snap could have more success with Minis, though. The company says 25 million users have already played at least one game in the app. And the success of apps like Yolo, a No. 1 app that was built off of Snapchat, has proved the app’s most engaged users will flock to new experiences.  

The expansion of Snap’s developer platform also extends to the tools it offers to app makers for their services. Snap said it plans to make more of its camera features available to third-party developers with CameraKit, software that enables outside apps to use Snapchat’s augmented reality lenses. 

The MLB Ballpark app, for example, will be able to use Snapchat lenses to allow fans to interact with team mascots in AR. And music video app Triller, which already uses Snapchat Stories in its service, will add artist-themed lenses. Nike is also “exploring” ways to use AR lenses in its app, the company said. Snap didn’t say when these integrations would be available, but the company is working on bringing in additional developers.