Snorkeler finds wedding ring stuck on fish

Snorkeler finds wedding ring stuck on fish

It looks like somebody just made some random fish the happiest fish in the world.

snorkeler recently shared an unusual discovery she made during a recent trip underwater. According to her, it’s not uncommon to see certain types of fish with various pieces of garbage stuck around their necks.

Recently, however, she came across a fish that was wearing a wedding ring.

Susan Prior was snorkeling in Emily Bay, which is located on an island off the eastern coast of Australia, People reports. According to the environmental conservationist, she came across a sand mullet that had a gold ring around its neck.

According to the snorkeler, sand mullets sort through the sand while looking for food. It’s possible that this particular fish swam through the ring and got it stuck on its body.

It wasn’t until Prior returned to land, however, that she remembered a post on the community social media page. Apparently, a man had recently lost his wedding ring in the same area.

She was reportedly able to get in touch with the man and they both believe that it’s likely that this fish is swimming around with the man’s missing wedding ring.

Apparently, Prior is willing to try and relocate the fish and, along with a group of fishermen, attempt to catch it with a net. Then, she’d likely be able to remove the ring and return it to its owner. She reportedly described this as “difficult,” so there’s no guarantee that it will work.

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