Sophie Turner will soon appear alongside Corey Hawkins to lead Thriller series

Sophie Turner is set to play the role of Jane alongside Corey Hawkins (Paul) in a Quibi thriller series. Sophie, famous for Sansa Stark’s role in “Game of Thrones” is too excited to play the role. The series is named as “Survive” based on the novel name by Alex Morel.

In the story, Jane and Paul are the only survivors from a plane crash. Jane has to fight for her life after the plane crashes on a snow-covered mountain. Paul and Jane will see to embark on a harrowing journey out of the wilderness, survive the brutal conditions and traumas.

Sophie Turner is honored to portray the role of Jane

I am honored to play the role of Jane in “Survive” said turner. The character of Jane is a bit complex. She has to fight against all the odds and save her life. To get successful in saving her life, she has to find the source of courage and strength.

The series will be helpful for the ones who are struggling with self-worth. It will make people believe that they are braver than they know and will get the support they need.

EMH Consulting Group, Inc, and Gunpowder & Sky will hail the series. The series will be directed by Mark Pellington with Richard Abate and Jeremy Ungar. The producer of the series will be Cary Granat, Abate, and Ed Jones. However, Abate, Cary Granat, Ed Jones, and Van Toffler will be the executive producer of the series.