Speculations: Kate Middleton is Pregnant for the Fourth Time

Kate Middleton is speculated to be pregnant for the fourth time. It’s only two weeks that Kate’s third baby princess charlotte joined the school. Princess Charlotte is born after two brothers Prince William and elder brother Prince George. Its seems like a Princess Charlotte is eager to become a younger sister.

The four years old revealed some signs of mom’s pregnancy among her group of friends. Mummy is having another girl- Princess Charlotte told this to one of her friends at school. According to the new idea, charlotte said it so loudly with a convincing tone that her mommy is pregnant. Rumors have circulated all over that duchess of Cambridge is expecting a fourth baby.

Duchess of Cambridge gave other signs to trust rumors

Kate appeared at an England Royal Horticultural Society.  In the event, Kate spoke about newborns. ” As a parent, it is important to foster our children’s development in all areas, as soon as they are born.”

Apart from this, some other speculations have also made on Kate Pregnancy based on Duchess hair and her work schedule. Aranzazu Santos López took to a Spanish TV show to confirm speculations. Lopez revealed that in all her previous three pregnancies, kate make an official announcement with changed hair.

Like, at the time of pregnancy with George, kate make the announcement of pregnancy with bangs. During pregnancy with Prince Louis, kate had a shoulder-length hair. Now, Kate’s hair is different colored, confirming some rumors.

Another clue confirming the rumors to be true is hyperemesis gravidarum. Lopez revealed that kate experiences a severe case of morning sickness during her pregnancy.

Overall, Kate’s pregnancy is still speculation as there is no official announcement yet. Hope kate will soon announce the good news.