Steelers’ Steven Nelson gets flagged after DJ Chark punches him in face

Steelers' Steven Nelson gets flagged after DJ Chark punches him in face

Steelers cornerback Stephen Nelson probably shouldn’t have engaged in trash talk or a shoving match with Jaguars receiver DJ Chark on Sunday, but his punishment relative to Chark seemed difficult to justify.

Nelson stared down Chark and started jawing after a second-quarter play. Chark responded by rushing up close to the defender, and they exchanged light pushes. Then Chark connected with a punch to Nelson’s helmet.

Referees assessed Nelson with a 15-yard unnecessary roughness flag. Chark did not receive a penalty.

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Two plays after the incident, Chark made an 18-yard catch. The drive ended with Jaguars quarterback Jake Luton throwing an interception.

Steelers fans were incensed by the no-call on Chark, while Jaguars fans were amused at the sequence:

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