Suspect in Queens triple homicide reveals grisly details on slays: sources

The Queens man accused of fatally stabbing three female relatives provided grisly details of the triple slaying while being grilled by NYPD detectives in Virginia — and now awaits extradition to the Big Apple, law-enforcement sources said Monday.

Jabari Burrell, 22, waived his Miranda Rights and gave cops specific details on how he killed each of his victims, including a 65-year-old woman who died futilely trying to shield her wheelchair-bound 26-year-old stepdaughter, sources said.

Burrell allegedly stole the older woman’s 2004 Toyota Sienna after the Springfield Garden murders Friday and drove to Virginia, where he was nabbed Sunday when the vehicle ran out of gas on I-95.

An NYPD spokesman said police have begun the process to bring Burrell back to Queens.

“He’s waiting to be extradited, and charges remain pending at this point,” the rep said.

A representative for the Queens District Attorney’s Office said Burrell is facing three counts each of first-degree and second-degree murder and will also be charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Burrell is accused of fatally stabbing Hyacinth Brown-Johnson, 65, her 47-year-old daughter, Latoya Gordon — who is the suspect’s aunt — and Brown-Johnson’s stepdaughter, Patrice Johnson, cops said.

Police said three women were stabbed to death in their Queens home Friday.
Brigitte Stelzer
Hyacinth Brown-Johnson, 65.
Hyacinth Brown-Johnson, 65, was stabbed to death trying to shield her disabled stepdaughter, 26-year-old Patrice Johnson, from their attacker.

Sources said the deadly rampage erupted after Burrell was smoking marijuana in the house and got into an argument — then snapped and turned on the women.

An alert was put out for the suspect after the crime, and Virginia State Police arrested him when his car conked out on the highway and notified the NYPD.

A rep for the Virginia State Police Department referred all questions about the case to the NYPD.

Scene of fatal stabbings in Queens.
Three women were stabbed to death Friday at this 182nd Street home in Queens.
Brigitte Stelzer