Suzanne Somers sells Palm Springs compound, headed to ‘sexy’ new house

Suzanne Somers sells Palm Springs compound, headed to 'sexy' new house

Suzanne Somers and husband Alan Hamel have sold the Palm Springs, Calif., compound they’ve called home since 1977, and will head to a “sexy” new abode the couple tell us.

The duo are staying in the home till September while they turn their next luxe pad into an ecological oasis nearby.

“We’re using this new construction as a new opportunity [to make] everything as green as possible,” Hamel, 84, told us of their next home. “Even though I am not one of those ‘greeniacs,’ we’re making sure the air quality is balanced and perfect, and even the drywall doesn’t have all those chemicals.” They’re also installing solar power, an organic garden, and other eco amenities.

Somers also joked they’ll have “gun mounts everywhere,” after a nearly naked intruder had wandered onto the couple’s estate while they were shooting a Facebook Live show earlier this year. Hamel hypothesized at the time that the confused dude was a lost hiker.

Somers, 74, said that while they’ll have less room at their new pad for visiting family members, “We’re going to give parties, it’s a party house, a very sexy house.”

Beyond the ecologic al innovations, a source of natural heat will be what the couple calls a “passion pit.”

“When Alan and I were falling in love,” the “Three’s Company” star recalled, he was living on an “old house boat.” One of the floating home’s features was a carpeted area in front of a fireplace they referred to as the “passion pit,” which they’re re-creating in their new home.

Somers and Hamel listed their house in January for $8.5 million. The couple declined to comment on the details of the sale, but documents uncovered by The Post reveal that it’s in contract for the asking price.

Somers told us, “It sold because I finally let it go — emotionally, spiritually and physically.” She said of the home with five villas and over 100 stairs, “it was not the right home anymore.”

While still recovering from a fractured hip last year, Somers took a spill down the stairs, and underwent successful neck surgery, we exclusively reported.

The star has made such a successful recovery, she recently posted a pic to Instagram in twinning short shorts with her granddaughter, former soap star Camelia Somers, 25.

Somers told us that the pic of the stunning pair in denim wasn’t premeditated: “I came downstairs, that’s how I dress,” she said. Upon seeing Camelia, Somers exclaimed, “‘OMG, we are wearing the same outfit!’ It wasn’t planned.”

Wellness author Somers has also been promoting a new “Gut Renew 30-Day Challenge,” that has been such a hit, she’s had to order up 72 tons of her signature smoothie powder “just to keep up” with demand, she said.

It features glass walls that open to scenic views of the Mt. San Jacinto desert.
It features glass walls that open to scenic views of the Mt. San Jacinto desert.

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