Huawei launches new flagship smartphone lineup but without Google apps

Huawei launches new flagship smartphone lineup but without Google apps

Huawei has launched its new flagship device lineup on Thursday sans Google-licensed apps like YouTube or Chrome due to US sanctions. The Chinese phone maker’s Mate 30 series, which it launched in Munich, will run on an open-source variant of the Google’s Android OS. Huawei couldn’t license Google’s latest Android version because of the US … Read more

Vivo launched its NEX 3 smartphone with waterfall display and 5G support


Vivo has finally unveiled the NEX 3 smartphone. The Chinese smartphone maker launched the next-gen device on 16th September in Shanghai. This is Vivo’s second smartphone which comes with 5G connectivity capabilities. Vivo will also unleash a 4G version of the new NEX 3. Physical features: The Vivo NEX 3 smartphone is completely buttonless, with … Read more

Mobile Phone LBS services set to be the next big tech revolution

Mobile Phone Location-based Services

  With major players like Nokia, Apple and Google playing a major role in the realm of location-based services, the Mobile phone location-based services or LBS services as they are known to be. The focus on real-time location services and location-based services has become one of the prominent options. The growing reliance on smartphone-based location … Read more

Google Pixel owners can claim up to $500 in class action settlement

Google Pixel

In the first half of this year, Google agreed to pay a sum to its customers for the class action settlement. Consumers said that the renowned company is responsible for selling defective smartphone pieces. Moreover, the Pixel phone sold is the first generation with non-functional microphones. If you are the owner of a Pixel or … Read more

Google is getting rid of Android Auto’s smartphone UI-here’s why

Google Android Auto

Android Auto is an app developed by Google for the use of a driver. As soon as this app gets connected within a car, it soon starts showing all the apps required while driving. The apps include Google Maps, music apps, phone dialler, text messages, and web search. Unfortunately for users, all these modifications are … Read more

Should you switch to the new T-Mobile now?

T-Mobile acquires Sprint

T-Mobile acquired Sprint against an amount of $26.5 billion. T-Mobile is a new name to many of the consumers in the field of telecommunications. The company was established  20 years back and is a German company. Their business operates in countries like Czech Republic, Poland, the United States of America, and the Netherlands. The brand … Read more