Sean Borg plans meeting with Netflix in India amidst negative comments from fans on his style choices at 52

Sean Borg plans meeting with Netflix in India

Sean Borg has been in headlines this week; the former news presenter-turned lifestyle and travel expert told the Australian website The Daily Scanner how he found aging difficult. The story led the British TV personality to respond to negative comments flying at him on social media after he was photographed wearing trendy green camouflage cargo pants. Borg felt … Read more

Sean Borg attends Bianca Rae’s successful pet adoption event in Palm Desert California

Sean Borg Bianca Rae

Bianca Rae is known for her love of animals, in particular, her dogs. She is a humanitarian, a philanthropist, and a rising star in news television. So it’s not surprising to see Bianca being supported by her close friend — entertainment personality Sean Borg—who also shares her visions and goals to protect all animals, attending her … Read more

“Liz Taylor gave me her home number.” — Sean Borg opens up about meeting Hollywood Legend Elizabeth Taylor

Entertainment personality Sean Borg has talked for the first time about a chance meeting he had back in 1996 with the late Hollywood superstar Elizabeth Taylor. In a recent in an interview with German publication Verna Magazine, the former “TMZ on TV” guy recounted a treasured memory when he posed for a ‘selfie’ with the iconic beauty at a fashionable soiree in … Read more