“That’s The Power of Jordan”: NBA Legend Reminisces Heated Altercation With Michael Jordan

"That's The Power of Jordan": NBA Legend Reminisces Heated Altercation With Michael Jordan

The NBA was a very aggressive league in the 80s and 90s. The Chicago Bulls always had to endure a very physical matchup when they took to the court. The reason? The world’s best player Michael Jordan was on their side. Reggie Miller and Jordan have disputed on the court several times. Once such highlight happened in the Market Square Arena when the Bulls came in town to play the Pacers, nearly three decades ago. 

Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller were extremely talented players. ‘The Last Dance’ docuseries also highlighted how Miller and the Pacers almost played spoilsport in the Bulls’ three-peat glory. 

On February 10, 1993, the Chicago Bulls played the Indiana Pacers in a game that got heated in the first few minutes. Reggie Miller shoved Jordan after converting an offensive rebound, a move that fired up ‘His Airness.’ 

MJ got right back to it and aggressively grabbed Reggie Miller and tried to gouge out his eyes. The two engaged in a heated scuffle with both swinging punches at each other. However, the refs stepped in and broke everything down and separated the players to cool them down.

As a result of the squabble, the officials ejected Reggie Miller from the game. It is to be noted that it was very early in the game and the Pacers just lost their best player. MJ then went on to score 40.0 points for the Bulls to register a victory against their rivals. 

Reggie Miller recollects the heated scuffle with Michael Jordan 27 years later

Of course, MJ and Reggie were fierce rivals when they played in the NBA. They hated each other to a large extent. But none of that prevails now. If those two got together now, they would just have a laugh about it and let it pass. 

When Reggie Miller appeared on the ‘Dan Patrick Show’ from the bubble, that is what he did. The host asked him if MJ received a suspension for his actions and Miller began reminiscing about the fight. 

“I got suspended a game. He got suspended, I believe three games for that,” Miller said. “But if you remember, I got thrown out of that game. He got to continue that game…in Market Square, in Indiana. That’s the power of Jordan,” Miller faintly added.

There have been several bust-ups in the NBA since, but MJ and Reggie Miller’s altercation is certainly a memorable one. That is what happens when two high-level competitors don’t decide to back down against each other. Nonetheless, a great memory to remember. 

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