The best FOV settings and how to change it

There are certain visual as well as performance settings that are a core part of getting better at competitive shooters, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is no stranger to this fact.

With the upcoming franchise entry finally in its beta stage, there are a lot of settings that players have been tampering with to make the experience as comfortable as possible for them.

One such setting that many are adjusting is that of the Field of View or FOV. Modern Warfare 2 beta has an integrated system for this visual setting, and players are experimenting with it quite a bit.

While Call of Duty veterans will be able to fix their most comfortable FOV in the beta right away, players who are new to the FPS genre, and not all that familiar with how some of the in-game settings work in the game, might have a hard time making the most of the system.

Today’s guide will therefore go over the best FOV settings that players should opt into in the Moder Warfare 2 beta, and how they can go about changing them.

What is FOV in Modern Warfare 2 and how to change it?


For those unaware, FOV is a setting that is particularly important in first-person shooters, as it allows one to alter how much of the game they are able to see on their screen.

The lower the FOV that one keeps in the game, the narrower will the overall perspective will be. Meanwhile, it’s just the opposite if players are opt to increase the setting in the game.

Both these settings have their pros and cons, as a smaller FOV allows one to concentrate on the action which is in front of them while assisting them with aiming at targets that are further away. A bigger value, on the other hand, allows one to keep track of their surroundings, and especially works well with those who like to constantly be aware of their peripherals.

Now, to be able to change the FOV in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, players will be required to:

  • Head into the menu once you are inside the game, and navigate to the cog icon that you will spot in it.
  • Make your way to the Graphics section, and you will be able to scroll down to find the Field of View option.
  • The FOV settings will be present in the form of a slider, and you will be able to move it back and forth to pick the the setting that best compliments your playstyle.

What is the best FOV setting in Modern Warfare 2?


The best FOV settings that are recommended for new and returning players for the Modern Warfare 2 beta will be something that balances both perspectives. Hence, players often like to go for a value of 100 in the shooter, which brings equilibrium between spacial awareness and not providing any sort of a fishbowl effect.

However, those who want the action to be a bit zoomed in can tone it down to 90, and see how it feels in a match. This setting is more reliable for those who like to go for long-range gunfights and not rush in.