The Crown’s Elizabeth Debicki Says She “Acts” Like Diana Now

Debicki understood the importance of the task at hand—especially because so many people have such strong connections to Diana, even to this day.

“It’s really fascinating to do this job because people have this memory of the physicality, of course, and they have a memory of even the sonic sound of them,” she said. “It’s really lodged in their lived memory. So, you feel this huge responsibility to create that on screen, but you obviously have to do it your way.”

All of Debicki’s preparation has paid off, at least in the eyes of Diana biographer Andrew Morton

, who praised her performance, telling E! News, “The mannerisms, the gestures, the intonation, everything. She got it spot-on. It was like being back in the room with her. When I first saw it, I was blown away.”

And his reaction meant the world to Debicki.

“I think it’s the best thing you could hope for,” she said, “that somebody who knew a person says you’re getting close to something that’s truthful. That’s all you’re trying to do as an actor playing the part. It was definitely a very nice vote of confidence.”