The old Google Pay app will soon lose person-to-person transfers in the US

Google has informed US users of the older Google Pay app on Android, iOS and the web that they’ll need to move to the new app to continue . The original version will lose that feature on April 5th, as well as the ability to access recent activity and transactions. Google released the new, overhauled app .

The change will only affect users in the US for now, as Google hasn’t rolled out the latest app to other regions yet. People elsewhere can keep using the original app as usual for the time being.

It appears users of the old app will still have access to their digital wallet, including payment cards. As 9to5 Google notes, that version might still come in handy in some situations. You can only use the new Google Pay app on one device at a time. 

If you still have funds in your Google Pay account after April 5th, you’ll only be able to access them through the new app (which is still in Early Access). Otherwise, Google’s support team can manually transfer the money to your bank account.

Google will also update the service’s terms for US users on April 5th. It will increase the minimum age for a Google Pay account from 16 to 18.

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