The post-lockdown Botox surge has arrived

The post-lockdown Botox surge has arrived

As the pandemic ebbs, the filler is flowing.

The early quarantine prediction that, post-lockdown, plastic surgeons would be flooded with Botox requests is coming true: Spas are reporting record rates of interest from Americans ready to return to the world — and eager to look sexy for their debut. 

“We’re slammed, like fully booked,” Richelle Oslinker, head of operations at high-tech skin-care service provider Plump told the Atlantic of business recently. “We’re projecting our busiest summer yet.”

In response, Plump is bringing on more staff, with one fresh hire’s first month of appointments filling up nearly instantly, despite no marketing effort. 

Many of the appointments are from former regulars who were forced to give up their beauty treatments due to the pandemic and are now eager to make up for lost time. 

Botox is about to see a huge boom now that  the quarantined masses are re-entering civilization, hoping to look hotter than ever.
Botox is about to see a huge boom now that the quarantined masses are re-entering civilization, hoping to look hotter than ever.
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“All of a sudden, you’ll see a name pop up on the schedule that you haven’t seen for over a year,” Nadine Abramcyk, the co-founder of Manhattan-based nail salon company Tenoverten, told the publication. “And it’s somebody who’s coming in and doing every single service they could possibly do.”

Initially, first-time Botoxers were giving the treatment a try during lockdown, using the downtime to see if it was right for them. Then, demand came back faster in more politically conservative localities, Danielle Cohen-Shohet, the CEO of beauty payment platform GlossGenius, noted, but that has since spread beyond voting blocks: It’s everywhere now. 

Even as an increasing percentage of Americans receive the COVID-19 vaccine and begin again feeling comfortable receiving beauty services, the pandemic has sparked an increase in at-home med spas. 

After a year in varying levels of lockdown, the very rich are souping their homes up with wellness features so they can receive Botox and other treatments in a more private setting, Beverly Hills real-estate agent Rochelle Maize told Insider. The price tag for the luxury can reach up to $50,000 — and that’s before the doctor’s bill. Some are even building surgery centers, so they can undergo procedures at home. 

“Wellness is very important in California, and I’ve seen homes that look like wellness retreats,” she told the publication.

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