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These photos of babies and their pets will melt your heart

These photos of babies and their pets will melt your heart

Babies are cute on their own, but pictures of newborns with little furry friends are sure to melt your heart.

British child photographer Sujata Setia is snapping photos of human wee ones with kittens, puppies, ducklings and even a piglet, reported Brightside, a feel-good website


Setia started shooting the adorable pairings to honor her late faithful pooch, Mustang, and now parents of newborns are clamoring to have their little ones with furry babies.

All but a couple of the kids are napping — and they have smiles on their faces, too.

Every one gets an “awww,” but a fave has to be the swaddled red head bookended with ducklings. And the one with the puppy wearing a stocking hat. OK, every last one is a keeper.

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