This customizable dumbbell set is on sale for over 30% off

This customizable dumbbell set is on sale for over 30% off

We’ve been stuck at home for a long time, but New Yorkers are strong and have adapted to the new circumstances. We’ve had more than a year of working from home, avoiding busy public places, and exercising outdoors or in our own homes. But working out from home can only match up to a workout at your gym if you have the right equipment – which was in short supply through 2020.

Studies show that Americans think working out at home is here to stay, so now’s the time to furnish your home gym with the right equipment, if you haven’t already.

Luckily, one key piece of equipment is on sale now, with these Costway 66 LB Dumbbell Weight Set Fitness (16 Adjustable Plates Workout) currently going for a significantly lower price of $184.99, a huge discount of 31% off the full price of $269.

The Costway dumbbell weight set is conveniently customizable – mix and match the range of plate weights to increase or decrease the weight of the dumbbells and target specific areas on your body. You can also use a connecting option to make the two dumbbells into a single barbell for even more workout options. The dumbbell plates are made of hard-wearing concrete and are coated with HDPE plastic to ensure durability. Its electroplated, hollow iron tube is designed to resist rust and general wear and tear. With a comfortable, ergonomic grip, the dumbbells are easy to use to achieve your fitness goals.

The Costway 66 LB Dumbbell Weight Set is currently on sale for just $184.99, a great discount of $84.01 off the full purchase price of $269. Add them to your home gym now for more diverse workouts and start hitting your fitness goals.

Prices subject to change.

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