This Is How F1 Reportedly Plans To Hold Sprint Races in the 2021 Season

F1 Reportedly Has an Exciting Backup Plan if Rumored Portimao Race Gets Called off

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has shared that they will feature the sprint race format at three races this season. The idea has received mixed reactions throughout the F1 community. In a recent tweet, F1 analyst Albert Fabrega gave an insight into how the format will align during the weekend.

The details of sprint races are yet to be confirmed. The F1 commission will need to approve the plan before the format features this season. Domenicali hopes the newly tweaked format will make the sport more exciting.

Fabrega helped explain how a racing weekend would look with sprint races featuring in the season.

“Details of F1 sprint races. Quali on Friday to set Saturday’s sprint race grid. Result to set Sunday’s GP grid. Good. Let’s try,” the tweet laid out.

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F1 CEO lays out the objectives of sprint races

In their pursuit of making the sport more interesting, the F1 community was flirting with the idea of a reverse grid and sprint race format. Domenicali expressed that the reverse grid is not an option at all, however, the commission decided to test out the sprint race format in F1.

“Our objective is to try to offer to the people that are coming to the event, to the people that are watching television, to the people that are really fan of Formula 1, something that is exciting,” said Domenicali in a Liberty Media investor call.

Formula One F1 – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in action at the start of the race Pool via REUTERS/Giuseppe Cacace

Several drivers have expressed their concerns over this new format. Verstappen and Perez recently shared their skepticism regarding sprint races.

Meanwhile, Leclerc questioned how the points would be awarded through this format. However, Domenicali explains that the FIA commission is excited regarding the prospects of the Sprint race format through the race weekend.

The 2021 F1 season is around the corner, and we will soon find out the fate of sprint races and how will it align itself with the season. From a fan’s perspective, an increase in the number of races is always going to be welcome.

However, this will get very taxing for the team and the drivers. Do you think the new format is here to stay?

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