#TIME4RESPECT:  An Open Letter to Victoria Secret’s CEO

More than 120 models of victoria’s Secret signed an open letter to CEO, John Mehas. The letter expresses the Model’s concern regarding “the safety and well being of the Victoria Secret’s Models.”These 120 models include Doutzen Kroes, Christy Turlington Burns, Milia Jovovich, etc.

Model Alliance attached the link of an open letter in a twitter post with the caption “Its #TIME4RESPECT ”.

 Let’s See!! What’s written in an Open Letter?

An open letter is written by the Model Alliance. The letter begins with the Models concern regarding allegations of sexual assault, alleged rape, and sex trafficking of models.

In addition, there has been a lot of news about L Brand CEO personal and professional relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. So, the models alleged Victoria’s Secret and its parent company L Brands for having a connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

The letter includes allegations regarding sexual misconduct by photographers. There are many photographers known for their work for Victoria’s Secret have been accused of sexual assault said, Sara Ziff.

“ It’s easy for photographers to cross boundaries with models”- said Ava Smith, a former Victoria’s Secret Model. Smith is one of the women who signed the alliance.

Conclusion of an Open Letter

Through this letter, Models put forward their hand to support all the courageous women who have come forward and shared their stories. Model Alliance really felt proud that our Industry still have models who take a stand against abuse without caring about their career.

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It’s an open request to the company to accept the respective program. Its a request to the company to be a leader, use its power and bring the changes needed in the industry.

As according to the Model Alliance, this would bring a great change in our industry if Victoria’s Secret stand against abuses and join #TIME4RESPECT PROGRAMME.