TOP 5 Countries With Fastest Citizenship Obtainment

Today, obtaining official status in a new country worries many people seeking to change their lives. Yet, despite all the difficulties that a foreigner wishing to get the fastest citizenship may encounter, this procedure is possible.

The ways of obtaining a second passport have changed considerably in recent decades. In addition, different parts of the world have different rules and regulations. However, anyone who wishes to obtain citizenship is interested in doing so without difficulty.

In this article, we will tell you about all the details of obtaining official civil documents and give you the latest information about the countries where it is easiest and fastest to pass all the required procedures.

What is second citizenship?

Obtaining another citizenship is an important step that expands rights and freedoms. In most cases, however, becoming a resident of another country is a lengthy procedure, sometimes involving unexpected difficulties and unpleasant bureaucracy. For example, to become a citizen of Malaysia, you will need at least 12 years. In addition, this country has a ban on dual citizenship, so you must say goodbye to your first passport.

Becoming a citizen of two or more countries means greater freedom of movement and financial independence than having only one passport.

Therefore, everyone who applies for the fastest citizenship programs wants to get a second document as soon as possible. In addition, the need to quickly obtain citizenship arises in connection with specific circumstances.

So which country will offer you the fastest EU citizenship? According to the specialists of Immigrant Invest, the list of countries with the easiest, shortest citizenship application procedure includes:

  • Macedonia;
  • Armenia;
  • Dominican Republic;
  • Peru;

You can become a citizen of these states after living in them for only 1-3 years. Those who seek to obtain legal rights in another country are always interested in ways to accelerate the acquisition of citizenship. According to the expert of Immigrant Invest, Evgeniya Morozova, these include:

  • investments;
  • obtaining citizenship by descent;
  • marriage to a foreign citizen;
  • preferences for personal merit.

However, it should be taken into account that many laws change over time, so today, some popular earlier options to quickly obtain citizenship are no longer valid.

For example, it is now impossible in Argentina to obtain a civil passport within two years. Having lived in this country for such a period of time, you can only become a holder of a permanent residence permit, and to become a citizen of the country, you have to live there for a total of 5 years.

Changes have also occurred in Belgian legislation. Previously, this country offered a passport after three years of permanent residence. However, in 2013, this period was increased by at least two more years. In the following sections of this article, you will find valuable information about countries where it is still possible to obtain second citizenship quickly.


The Balkan country to the south of Serbia is one of the most suitable options for doing business well. The well-known Eastern European country has a favorable tax policy and an attractive climate for investors. According to information available at, tax rates are as low as 10 percent for organizations and individual business participants.

Those wishing to start a business in Macedonia can obtain the fastest second passport in this country in less than a year. As with the Portuguese Golden Visa, the entrepreneur is required to tie up his capital, but obtaining the fastest EU citizenship will take six months to a year. In addition, you do not need to reside permanently in Macedonia for six months.


It is a state that offers foreigners one of the most advantageous second passport programs in South America. It takes two years for a resident of the country to qualify to apply for citizenship. However, the disadvantage of Peru is that its public services only sometimes act following the adopted legislation. For example, as the agency Immigrant Invest expert  Evgeniya Morozova points out, a residence permit for Peru entrepreneurs must be granted after they have paid the amount of 30 thousand dollars. In reality, they will have to pay five times as much.

The constantly changing residency requirements also play a role in the success of your goal in Peru. For this reason, two years of residency for citizenship is more of a minimum than a maximum.


Dominican Republic

It is another country offering foreigners to become its citizens in just two years. However, it is not always possible to do this, even if you follow all the rules prescribed in the local legislation. Wealthy people are invited to invest 200 thousand dollars in their businesses or purchase real estate in the republic’s territory if they want to make the process of obtaining a second passport quick.

These fastest second citizenship requirements will not apply to you if you can prove a steady income and agree to live in the Dominican Republic for a while.

Anyone who believes he can become a citizen of this country immediately after two years, do not be fooled. As noted by the expert on the investment program Antigua and Barbuda, Evgeniya Morozova (company Immigrant Invest), there are numerous examples when obtaining citizenship of the Dominican Republic has taken its permanent residents much longer.


Naturalization in this country takes three years. Although those wishing to obtain citizenship will need to make financial investments in local real estate, there is also a better way for them to enroll in one of the Armenian institutions of higher education of their choice.

Those who want to buy an apartment or a house will be pleased with the range of opportunities this country offers to make such investments. Entrepreneurs and private individuals have access to luxury houses and cottages, the cost of which remains high and tends to grow steadily in the market.

After you get a residence permit and have lived in the country for three years, you have the right to apply in writing for citizenship status. For the state to meet your requirements, you will need to successfully pass the test on your knowledge of the fundamental law of Armenia. You may come to the test with an interpreter if you do not understand Armenian.


It is one of the most attractive countries in terms of the fastest citizenship for foreigners. Despite the low popularity of Paraguay in the world, its citizens boast the right to visa-free travel to other countries in Latin America and Europe. However, not everything is perfect. Despite the legal right to be a citizen of Paraguay in as little as three years, obtaining citizenship documents can take a long time.