Top 5 Free Fire MAX landing spots for rank push

With competition in Free Fire MAX’s ranked games being fierce, players try hard to work their way up through the game’s rankings to reach the highest levels. Several factors can affect one’s overall rank push, with landing spots being one of the most important ones.

At the moment, three maps are accessible in ranked matchmaking for the battle royale title: Bermuda, Alpine, and NeXTerra. Each of these maps offers multiple unique locations for fans to choose from, making it difficult to determine the best option.

Nevertheless, if you are a player searching for the ideal landing spots, you can read through the section below to find a detailed list.

Note: The landing spots listed below are based on the writer’s opinion. The individual choices of the readers may vary depending on their preferences.

List of top five landing spots in Free Fire MAX to push rank

5) Snowfall


Snowfall is one of the safest locations that players can try out if they are on the Alpine map in Free Fire MAX. As its name suggests, the entire location is covered in snow.

It offers excellent loot, and individuals can find it in the top left corner of the map. At this location, there are several buildings that gamers can use as cover before rotating out, depending on the formation of the play zone.

4) Mars Electric

Mars Electric is another great option that players can head for (Image via Garena)
Mars Electric is another great option that players can head for (Image via Garena)

The classic Bermuda map has plenty of great locations, with Mars Electric emerging as one of the finest options. It’s located at the very bottom of the map, which is why many players do not land there. Accordingly, those looking for a risk-free experience will find this location to be a relatively safe landing spot.

Players are also recommended to scan Mars Electric for vehicles, as these make it easier for them to travel away later on in the match.

3) Sunside


Sunside is number three on this particular list, and anyone eager to push their ranks can make the most of it. It offers a fantastic position on the map and features a few ziplines, making it possible for gamers to quickly escape an enemy squad if they wish to.

Additionally, there are several buildings and houses scattered across the area, where players have a better chance of finding decent loot such as weapons, armor, and more.

2) Farmtopia

Farmtopia location in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
Farmtopia location in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Farmtopia is a part of the latest NeXTerra map of Free Fire MAX, and is located in the center of the map. Gamers who choose to in drop here are sure to find plenty of high-quality supplies. However, like all the other hot drops in-game, they will likely encounter multiple enemy players/squads.

Nevertheless, the high quality of loot here compensates for the risk. Players who prefer to survive for a longer period of time can ignore this location.

1) Peak


Peak, one of the hot drops, is located in the geographic center of the Bermuda map. It’s dispersed throughout a large region of land, and players may expect to find a substantial amount of loot there. The large amount of weapons and gear that can be found in Peak is more than enough for an entire squad and will certainly help players on their journey.

Nevertheless, there is also considerable risk involved, and individuals will have to be wary of nearby enemies.

Honorable mentions

Other great options that players can try dropping at (Image via Garena)
Other great options that players can try dropping at (Image via Garena)

Apart from the locations mentioned above, there are several additional great landing spots present in Free Fire MAX. A few of the recommended locations are:

  • Bermuda – Hangar
  • Bermuda – Cape Town
  • NeXTerra – Musuem
  • NeXTerra – Mortar Ruins
  • Alpine – Fusion
  • Alpine – Dock

Disclaimer: Landing spots in Free Fire MAX have to be determined by the plane’s trajectory. If the particular landing spots mentioned above aren’t in the path, gamers will have to compromise and choose another drop location accordingly.

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