Top 5 things to avoid while pushing rank in Free Fire

Free Fire is a widely played and downloaded mobile battle royale title. It also has a ranking system where players can battle it out and showcase their credibility and expertise. There are a variety of tiers that they can reach in every season.

Free Fire gamers love to jump into the battleground and grind the game extensively. While this can be fun and engaging, there are certain aspects that they should shun in ranked matches.

Free Fire: Things to avoid in ranked matches

1) Don’t play with random teammates

In Free Fire, players can join a game in a squad of three. These can be either friends or random players who join the match. While some random teammates can prove beneficial in matches, most tend to die or leave the lobby.

This makes it hard for the gamers to win or claim a decent placing in the game, thus hampering their ranks. It is advisable that they either have a dedicated team or play solo.

2) Avoid hot drops

Hot drops in Free Fire present players with thrills and action like no other. The rush to land early, secure a weapon, and get some early kills is a sensation that nothing can match.

However, players looking to push rank or play rank matches are advised not to do hot drops and land somewhere isolated. This will guarantee that they survive the initial phase and can even get good loot later.

3) Don’t rush until it’s necessary

In games like Free Fire, kills play a significant role. But how users get that kill is essential as well. In rank matches, risking their lives for a kill is outlandish.

Players should not rush when they have a clear advantage over opponents. Otherwise, they will end up getting their squad wiped, which will impact their ranks negatively.

4) Avoid staying in the open

While playing ranked matches in Free Fire, surviving and staying alive until the very end is critical. Players should know when and how to rotate while also having an advantageous point.

Staying in the open can be fatal as they can get killed from various sides. Finding cover or a building will benefit gamers, especially during the final circles.

5) Avoid experimenting

Free Fire rewards players who stick to the plan and follow a strategy. This becomes all the more relevant in rank matches as a lot is at stake. Those who follow specific tactics and stick to them will be able to outlast others.

Trying new things or experimenting with a certain plan is not recommended in ranked matches, as this can go either way. Gamers can do so in regular games and see what works and what does not.

Note: This article is based on the author’s views.