Troian Bellisario opens up about her complicated relationship with breastfeeding

Troian Bellisario dislikes breastfeeding. The Fairy Little Liars star is a new mother to her daughter. The actress with her husband Patrick J. Adams welcomed their child into the world previous October.

Bellisario mentions that the series of breastfeeding is killing her. She is not getting the heck of maintaining regular intervals of breastfeeding.

It is common for any new mother. Although she also goes onto say that with time, she has learned to get over the ups and downs.

Troian Bellisario also goes onto say that she feels blessed that she has finally overcome the ups and downs of breastfeeding her beautiful daughter.

What made the actor count breastfeeding as a challenge?

On the 6th of August, she mentioned that she didn’t even realize that breastfeeding can be so much complicated. She made the statement in the week of World Breastfeeding Week.

The celebrity is relaxed that her daughter is keeping well with proper breastfeeding at regular intervals. She continued saying that the process of waking up at every interval during the night and then pumping milk into her is stressful.

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Either she has to switch off the light and feed her or go and sit in some secluded corner to pump milk into her little one.

Two images of the daughter and mother were uploaded. In one of the pictures, Bellisario is breastfeeding her daughter. In the other image, the actor was sitting in her washroom as she was breastfeeding.


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#worldbreastfeedingweek I would never have thought something so simple would be so complicated. My milk came in immediately (so lucky!) my daughter has always eaten well (little bit of reflux but all good) and breastfeeding her was never painful or frustrating (SO RARE) but the mastitis🥴, waking up in the middle of the night to pump😴, pulling off on the freeway to pump, or hiding in dark corners of houses while pumping or else I can’t sleep it’s SO PAINFUL🥵 (I’ve included the most glamorous I’ve ever looked while feeling like an effing cow) having to be conscious of everything I put or do not put in my body (it’s been almost two years if you count pregnancy) and that means alcohol, medication, even melatonin! I can’t even join in all of this cool CBD stuff that’s happening.But… no matter how much I HATE pumping or how complicated MY relationship with food is, it has been a joy, an honor and a no brainer to feed my daughter this way. 🙌🏽 My body has made it easy for us and i have loved every moment i get to spend this kind of time with her. Not every mother gets that. I don’t know if I will have it for much longer, but I will always take care of her and do what is best for us. (Once again f*ck pumping. Love you forever babay girl)

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The actor also stated that taking her pregnancy into account; it has been two years, enjoyment has vanished from her life. Alcohol and any other medications are forbidden.

She has to stay conscious about her body as her little one is dependent on her. The celebrity also added that how much pain it takes to pump milk into her little one, but it’s a pleasure to be a mother at the end of the day.