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Twitter user Jeffrey R. Epstein explains he’s not dead and not the accused sex trafficker

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A Tweeter post on August 15th shocked the entire world. A Tweet posted by the name of Jeffery R. Epstein posted saying that he is not dead yet. The user also stated clearly that he is not a part of dirty and illegal crimes. Jeffery Epstein a teacher during his initial years turned into a multimillionaire financier. He expired at the same of 66.

What’s actually going on with the dead sex trafficker’s Twitter profile?

Jeffery also indulged into heinous crimes like sex trafficking of underage teen girls. His death on August 10th, 2019 within the jail premises shook the world.

In 2005 the guardian of a 14-year-old teen girl charged Epstein of sexual assault. Soon after that Florida police began investigating against him.

Another case came up in 2008 when the police charged him for forcing underage teen girls for prostitution. Soon after that, he was under arrest for 13 months.

In the year 2019, the same charges followed against him in Florida and New York. The investigations were going on but he committed suicide on 10th August.

The Twitter account user has an R in between his name. The meaning of the alphabet R is unknown. It’s quite shocking that Jeffery used the same profile. In fact, in his profile, he appears younger than his age.

There is also the blue tick which Twitter uses to verify a profile. The real age of the account user is not mentioned.

A recent Tweet also shocked the authorities which go onto say that he didn’t expire in prison. He also goes onto say that he appreciates the RIP’s but the interesting fact is he is alive.

Investigation officers claimed that the account user mentioned it earlier before the death of Jeffery that the account user wasn’t the real Jeffery Epstein.

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