Two more NYC zip codes could be headed for ‘lockdown’ list

Two city neighborhoods are dangerously close to being added to the list of ZIP codes headed for a new partial lockdown, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

The ZIP code 11235 — which involves Brighton Beach/Manhattan Beach/Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn — and 11374 in Rego Park, Queens, are “the two we’re most concerned about right now’’ in terms of getting bumped up to the restriction list, Hizzoner said.

The two areas have had five consecutive days of COVID-19 positive-test rates over 3 percent, de Blasio said — a worrisome sign of a potential breakout of  cases.

“We hope that pattern breaks literally today,’’ de Blasio said of the increasing virus numbers in the two areas.

“But if those two [ZIP codes] go past seven consecutive days, they would go into this higher-level list, where they would see greater restrictions. But we hope and pray that’s not the case,” he said.

There are currently nine ZIP codes in Brooklyn and Queens on the city’s “higher-level list” that go into partial lockdown this week.

On-site learning at all public and private schools will stop in the areas starting Tuesday, and non-essential businesses and indoor and outdoor restaurant dining in the ZIP codes are under threat of a shut-down as well.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has warned houses of worship in the areas that they will be shuttered, too, if they don’t start complying with health regulations amid the virus.

Eleven more ZIP codes in the two boroughs were identified by de Blasio on Sunday as having increasing COVID-19 cases.

He added a new ZIP code to that group Monday — 11375 in Forest Hills, Queens. The area has an average 1.95 percent positive-test rate for the past 14 days, although no consecutive days over 3 percent.