Types Of Poppers

Poppers. You might have heard of them, you might have seen them, you might have even though of trying to use them. But with so many kinds available on the market it might be hard to choose the one that is right for you. If you’d like to have a better understanding of the types of poppers, read on! But first, let’s briefly go over what poppers actually are.

What are poppers?

“Poppers” is the street name for the chemical family called alkyl nitrites. Typically sold in small bottles, poppers give an instant high when inhaled, causing short lived dizziness, euphoria and relaxation. They are also an aphrodisiac and enhance sexual sensations. You might see them being sold as deodorisers, perfumes and aromas, but they are not fit for that purpose. As with any drug, poppers can have side effects. Some of the most common effects include headaches, a rash around the nose and mouth and sinusitis. Poppers should never be drank as this misuse can be fatal.

What kind of poppers should I choose?

Poppers come in a variety of types. Each type has a different effect on the user. Below is a short breakdown, which may help you decide what is the best poppers choice for you.

Amyl Nitirite – these poppers are considered some of the strongest stuff out there. This is why they are probably not a good choice for those who are just beginning their adventure with the drug. Amyl poppers give a relatively long high, with a strong sense of euphoria. They also dampen inhibitions. However, they may tend to produce a side effect in the form of a headache.

Pentyl Nitrite – Pentyl poppers are the most common type of the drug out there. With similar effect to Amyl Nitrite, but shorter lasting effects, they are the most popular with the majority of users. Often used by beginners, this type can enhance sexual sensations, improve sex drive and give a strong effect of euphoria. Pentyl Nitrite also evaporates the slowest, giving good value for money.

Propyl Nitrite – Propyl poppers have powerful effects best suited for those experienced with the drug. The duration of effects of this type of poppers are quite short, making them a good compromise for party goers.

Mixture Poppers – Another popular type of this drug, mixed poppers take the best out of the effects of other isolated kinds, giving an intense, long lasting high. They are also less likely to cause headaches and other unpleasant side effects. Mixed poppers are also a strong aphrodisiac, and are often used in a sexual setting.

Another thing that impacts the effects of the poppers is the brand. Different brands produce different mixture ratios as well as strengths of the liquid.

For example, Dragon Power poppers are renowned for their strength. Due to this fact, they are popular with those more experienced users. Jungle Juice and Blue Boy on the other hand, offer a wide variety of strengths, catering to the tastes of a wider community. Additionally, some brands such as Ibiza or Amsterdam Poppers are specially crafted to have effects that intensify the experiences to be had in a given location!

Choosing the right type of poppers as a beginner can be a challenge. It’s important to remember that both the ingredients and the brand can have a big impact on the effects of the drug. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that the legality of poppers varies from country to country, and while perfectly fine in some places, possessing or using them can put you in a lot of trouble somewhere else.