Udti Ka Naam Rajjo Spoiler Update: Rajjo Becomes a Victim of Organ Trafficking in Star Plus’ Popular Drama!

Star Plus’ show Udti Ka Naam Rajjo has just started and it has been entertaining the masses with its dramatic content. The show features Gungun Uprari in the titular role and currently, the narrative focuses on Arjun dropping Rajjo to a hostel and developing feelings for her. Udti Ka Naam Rajjo: Arjun Gives a Befitting Reply to Pushkar for Trying To Throw Rajjo Out of His House!

His mother, on the other hand is planning his wedding and since she has realised that Arjun has unsaid feelings for Rajjo, she is determined to make him stay in front of her until he is married. Rajjo has to risk exposing herself to save his life and calls out for help. Udti Ka Naam Rajjo Spoiler Alert: Mai To Feel Rajjo’s Presence Amid the Media in Star Plus’ Popular Show! (Watch Video).

As seen, Manorama starts hunting for Rajjo across all the rescue centres and gets into an accident caused by Pushkar’s son. Arjun comes clean to Pushkar and asks for help to locate Rajjo’s athlete mother. Here he is shell-shocked to learn that Rajjo is his daughter. Manorama gets rescued by Pushkar’s wife and they bring her to their home. Pushkar plans to discard Rajjo in the midst of Kalindi’s birthday celebrations, but Rajjo gets exposed by accident and Arjun must defend her.

Madhumalti is furious and gets Rajjo sent to a hostel Arjun is warned to stay away from Rajjo but he cannot help shake off a bad feeling. Now, in the episodes ahead, Arjun saves Rajjo from an organ trafficking racket at the hostel amidst a maata ki chowki at home and brings her back home, angering everyone.

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