UFC’s Mike Perry seeks treatment for alcohol abuse after bar fight

Following a violent altercation at a Texas restaurant Tuesday night, UFC fighter Mike Perry will seek professional treatment for substance and behavioral counseling.

The UFC responded to the incident Thursday night, saying it was “troubled” by the video.

“The conduct displayed by Perry is not reflective of that of our organization,” the statement read. “Perry apologized for his behavior and acknowledged he was disappointed with himself that his actions may have reflected poorly on UFC. He further acknowledged that he believes he has some issues related to alcohol abuse and has informed UFC that he has committed to immediately seek professional treatment, including substance and behavioral counseling.”

Perry had been ordering berry mojitos at the restaurant prior to the incident, according to TMZ.

A video of the incident circulated social media Wednesday evening. In the video, Perry could be seen striking an elderly man after multiple patrons, including his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez, attempted to get him to leave the restaurant. Perry could be heard using racial slurs multiple times in the aftermath of the skirmish.


The incident started when Perry got into a verbal altercation at his table, according to ESPN. An employee tried to step in to calm the situation down, but Perry subsequently punched him in the face, according to the report. These incidents were not captured in the video.

The elderly man was transported to Covenant Medical Center and was lying unconscious when police arrived, according to TMZ. No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.

Perry has not publicly commented on the incident, though he simply tweeted “no comment” Wednesday evening. UFC said it will not be offering Perry his next bout at this time, and that the parties will agree on the next steps following his treatment program.

Perry last fought on June 27 during UFC Fight Night, where he defeated Mickey Gall by decision. In his bought, the welterweight notably had no coaches in his corner, instead opting to rely solely on Gonzalez.