Ukrainian surgeons operate on child in darkness after missile strikes

Dramatic video shows a team of Ukrainian surgeons performing heart surgery on a child in a dark Kyiv hospital after Russian missiles knocked out power in the capital city.

“Heart surgery in Kyiv. A child is being operated on, and power goes off due to a Russian missile attack,” Kyiv Independent journalist Illia Ponomarenko posted on Twitter Wednesday alongside the footage.

“Surgeons carry on with their batteries and power generators,” he added.

The nearly 2-minute-long clip had received almost 375,000 views by early Friday afternoon.

“That’s how we perform heart surgery today,” the person shooting the video says, adding that the operation involves cardiopulmonary bypass to replace two heart valves, Newsweek reported.

“That’s how we perform heart surgery today,” says a person who shot the viral video of doctors using battery-powered lights.
Doctors in Kyiv use battery-powered lights to operate on a child
“Good job. Very humane people,” the person says in a sarcastic comment to Russia.

“Nobody knows what happened, but the operating room completely blacked out,” the man said, telling Russians to “rejoice,” sarcastically.

 “Today it’s a child on the operating table. And power was completely lost in the middle of the surgery. Good job. Very humane people,” he said.

Russia fired some 70 missiles on Kyiv and several other Ukrainian cities on Wednesday, causing the country’s nuclear power plants to disconnect from the power grid for the first time in 40 years.

At least 10 people were killed in the barrage.

On Thursday, Kyiv residents searched for power, warmth and clean water, with some people resorting to holding water bottles under drain pipes to collect rainwater to drink.

Nearly half of the city’s residents were still without electricity on Friday, AFP reported.