US Journal Report : Amazon sell over 4,000 banned or unsafe products

The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon sales thousands of banned or unsafe products. These Products were banned or declared unsafe by Federal Agencies.

According to Journal Investigation, these products are 4,000 in number, out of which 2,000 are only toys and medications. About 157 products including sleeping mats declared unsafe by the Food and Drug Administration as it may suffocate Infants. But Amazon still sold those banned or Unsafe products.

Not only this, there were approximately 116 products labeled as “FDA approved” but were not. These labeled products include 98 eyelash growth serum, 43 painkillers without proper FDA warnings, and 52 supplements.

There are more examples of the people who bought Amazon’s unsafe or banned products. Like in 2014, a person purchased a motorcycle cycle helmet and was struck and killed by a truck. Last month the Department of Transportation declared it non -compliant.

Until last month the Helmet was on the site for sale. Similarly, in a case, a customer gets blinded in one eye by an allegedly faulty dog leash. After this case, a 3rd circuit court of appeal ruled that Amazon could be held liable for the sale of defective products.

In a case reported by the associated press, a hoverboard purchased from Amazon caused a fire. The fire forced two children jumping from a second-story window and caused death.

“Safety is a Top Priority for Amazon”

Despite selling banned or unsafe products, Amazon spokeswoman told to the publication that “Safety is a top priority at Amazon.” She added, “Whenever any concern arises, we move to protect customers and work directly with brands, sellers, and government agencies.”

The spokeswoman also said to the journal that Amazon scans millions of items every minute through their automated tool. This tool blocks suspicious listing products on the site and screen potential sellers. Like, in 2018 the automated tool blocked 3 billion items.