Useful Tips For Married Couples On How To Revive That Spark In Bed

It’s perfectly natural for married couples to lose their “spark” in the bedroom. Unfortunately, however, losing one’s spark can have devastating consequences for one’s relationship. A lack of sex can lead to a breakdown in communication, a lack of intimacy, and eventually, total relationship failure. This might seem dramatic, but there’s a lot of evidence to support these claims. With that said, however, some people thrive in sexless relationships, but that’s not the case for most people.

This article will explain a few useful tips for married couples who are interested in reviving their bedroom spark:

Improving Performance

For many married couples, sex begins to deteriorate because one person in the relationship underperforms in bed. When your relationship is brand new, it’s easy to overlook underperformance and chalk it down to inexperience, but the longer you are together, the more intolerable it becomes. There are many ways that you can help your partner to improve their bedroom performance, from using the handy ‘flesh light’ sex toys described in this URL, to attending a so-called sex guru. Make sure to delicately approach the subject of your partner’s sexual performance, so that you don’t hurt their feelings.

Introducing Sex Toys

Whilst on the subject of sex toys, it’s important to note that they can be very effective at restoring a relationship’s spark. This is because sex toys can ensure orgasm. Your partner might not be able to. This could be due to underperformance or could be because you are simply hard to get off. Whatever the reason, sex toys can make sex with your partner much more enjoyable. They also give you the opportunity to try new things, from anal beads to extra large dildos, which you may never have considered before.

Practicing Roleplay

Sexual experts find that roleplay is a very effective way for married couples to reinvigorate their sex lives. This is because roleplaying allows one to distance oneself from their relationship, playing the role of a brand new person. Your partner is no longer your partner, and also takes on a new personality. Many married couples find that picking each other up at a hotel (these scenes are called illicit encounters) is very fun. Other couples enjoy fake police arrests. If you are going to practise police arrest scenes, you need to do it at home, otherwise, you could get into trouble for impersonating a police officer!


Threesomes, like roleplay, are very effective at reinvigorating one’s sex life. This is because, for the most part, they are very exciting, very arousing, and brand new. Not many people have participated in threesomes, which makes them something that’s definitely worth trying. With that said, a threesome needs careful planning and thought, otherwise it could cause harm to your relationship. Introducing a third person into a happy relationship needs to be approached delicately. You also need to plan out what sex the third person will be and carefully choose the person.

Making An Effort

The longer a relationship goes on, the less of an effort you or your partner will make. This is because you will both be comfortable with each other and won’t feel it necessary to get dressed up for sex. If you want to refresh your sex life, then begin making an effort again, as you probably did at the beginning of your relationship when you were first dating. You could pick up sexy lingerie for yourself or your partner, put make-up on, or just take a long bath, apply perfume, and let your partner know that you’re ready for them to take you.

Trying New Fetishes

There’s a very strong chance that you or your partner have a fetish that you haven’t previously communicated to one another, perhaps out of fear of judgment. There’s also a very strong chance that you have fetishes you don’t even know about yet. Exploring one another’s fetishes is a great way to add a spark back into the bedroom, particularly if you find yourselves interested in more extreme fetishes, like BDSM, which involves domination and punishment. If you are going to practise any type of extreme sex, then introduce a safe word, which can be used to terminate play at any point.

New Positions

There are thousands of sex positions for you to try out with your partner. Some are better than others. Do your research and find a position that you haven’t tried before and see if you and your partner enjoy it.

Reintroducing a spark to the bedroom doesn’t need to be difficult, despite what you may think. It might seem like an awkward conversation to have with your partner but suggest to them some of the tips from this article, and you will be having the best sex of your life in no time.