Valorant Launches Forced Name Changes For In-Game Riot IDs

Valorant Launches Forced Name Changes For In-Game Riot IDs

Online multiplayer games like Valorant are usually prone to toxic behavior by some players. One such method some use to spread hate and toxicity is offensive names. However, Valorant devs are focussed on removing such toxic elements from their game.

Anna Dolan, the executive leader on Valorant, tweeted about the importance of engaging and learning about the game community. In this process, she had exposed herself to negativity, but she assured everyone that she’ll stick around.

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Adding to this, the Valorant handle also tweeted,

“Keeping a sportsmanlike environment where players respect one another is one of our top priorities.

As a result, Valorant is launching forced name change system for in-game Riot IDs. Reported players’ IDs will go through an automated check based on the game’s Code of Conduct. Devs won’t tolerate any hate speech and slurs in player names.

In case a name is flagged by their filters, the player will have to change his/her Riot ID the next time they log in to their Riot Client.

This is one of the many steps to make Valorant a safe space for all

It is very obvious that offensive names are not the only issue here. Players are also subjected to bullying and insults during games. Devs are showing a positive attitude to improve the game, and players trust them to take action against toxic players. Other ill practices like hacking also ruin the experience for a lot of players, and Valorant is working on its anti-cheat effectively.

The game was released in June 2020 and has gotten a great response till now as it blends the playstyles of Overwatch and CS: GO. Fans of both these titles love Valorant. Moreover, the game receives regular updates, with several nerfs and buffs to maintain balance amongst the agents and their abilities and the weapons.

The tactical FPS is also making its way round to the eSports competitive scenario by organizing tournaments such as the First Strike tournament. In conclusion, the game is getting the spotlight it deserves but it also means consistency is a must, and devs can’t afford to let down the fans.

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