Vasara Collection for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation vita on 13th August

Popular arcade game which was exclusively released in Japan in 2000 by Visco is coming to Steam and other consoles. Vasara was followed by Vasara 2 in 2001. This collection was only released in Japan. Vasara is Shoot ‘Em up game like other famous arcade games.

Image: PlayStation

QUByte Games Studio is bringing the Vasara collection on PlayStation 4 to the western world on 13th August 2019. Vasara collection will include original Vasara and Vasara 2 and can be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The plot of the game is set in 1600 A.D. and the current ruler of Japan, Hideyoshi Hashiba has died and his brother wants to take over. Japan depicted in the game is in an alternate reality where advanced weaponry is available. The players will get flying motorcycles and lethal melee weapons to fight off their enemy.

The game has three protagonists who try their best to keep ruler’s brother, Tokugawa away from the crown. Tokugawa sends warlords and they have to fight with them.

Vasara Collection has additional features on PlayStation 4, which comes with a Timeless mode, where you can play endlessly or go on a quest to gain scores. In the Timeless mode will allow players to make a team of four and fight against the enemies.

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Be prepared, this game is certainly wild where everyone is out to kill you. To get a feel of original arcade game, you can play the game in vertical mode on PlayStation 4.

However, players having PlayStation vita can adapt the settings to play the arcade game in its original format. There are so many perks of having Vasara on consoles as players can take advantage of full-screen TV and can opt for multiplayer support.

Go and get the copy of the game on August,13.