Walmart, Nordstrom opening pick-up only stores

Walmart, Nordstrom opening pick-up only stores

Walmart and Nordstrom, both being American multinational retail houses, are coming up with new and innovative ideas. Most of the American citizens demand a hassle-free shopping experience. Both these multinational retail corporations introduced to pick up only stores.

Gone are the days where a customer would stand in a long queue for his items to get billed. Pick up stores are entirely different.


They are in charge of loading your orders inside your car. A consumer doesn’t even require to get out of his car. Consumers from the countryside apart from the business cities are liable to enjoy such a fantastic facility.

Experts remark that this is something which is called innovation or an out of the box thinking.

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A perfect business model for both Walmart and Nordstrom

Walmart aims at opening up of 100 such stores all around the USA. On the other hand, Nordstrom aims to open more than 3000 picks up only stores by the end of 2019.

Business analysts reported that sales are likely to hike up by $35 billion by the end of this year. 15% of US shoppers already prefer such pick-up stores.

The main aim of such companies is to educate their customers on how much time they are saving when they prefer to pick only stores.


There is no need to wait even inside their cars for a more extended period. They have to order their groceries or anything online and then receive it from the pick up only stores.

In the entire process, no kind of interactions takes place with the employees, thereby saving a lot of your precious time.

Customers park their cars, and then an employee comes out to load their order inside their vehicle. Receiving of doorstep deliveries are considered full of hassles in today’s world.

In this process, there is an interaction which wastes a lot of customer’s time.

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